Let’s be honest, the days of traditional weddings are going by way of the DoDo Bird compliments of the Milinienels rebellion to the days of yesteryear. I personally have a couple decades on the Millenials and can appreciate the old-school weddings with Uncle Frankie having too much to drink and doing the Belushi’s sizzling bacon dance to Otis Day and the Knights, while simultaneously looking up a few skirts.

These rice-throwing weddings were fun and have etched their mark in photo collages around the globe. In contrast, today’s weddings have taken a turn in a new vibe, a new direction, a new feel, and quite frankly, I like it!

Having open Cannabis bars at the couples reception is not only gaining in popularity, but is converting first-time smokers into loyal fans. Think about it. Sixty two year old Aunt Marge blazing up a blunt for the first time…Priceless. Not only that, but the edibles are even more popular at these special events. Some of the older generation who refuse to smoke-up in sight of loved ones or because children may be around, why not try a happy cookie for the same effect?

Having Cannabis Bars at weddings is not only cheaper than an open alcohol bar, but seems to be taking the vibe of the reception to a different level. It calls for different music, more creative chat amongst the crowd, and a different bonding experience with each and every person. Suddenly, the Best Man’s speech is that much more interesting. The dance from the newly married couple is more captivating. The parents are less uptight. The crowd seems to mingle more without barriers of cliques, age or family. Everyone appears to be wandering the room seeing where the energy takes them, and it always leads to something or someone interesting with a new bond.

California of course is leading the way with Cannabis themed weddings. Salinas, California even has a delivery service, called MOC Delivery that will bring all the essentials to the best man the night before, or directly to the event.

It is wise to have different strengths and to be very clear on who is taking what. We don’t want the grandma of the bride to be off her rocker trying to finish a spliff of the original Jack Herer, which for those of you who do not know, is a 25% THC strain that typically delivers sativa style creativity. This of course would be an epic choice for the majority of the group, but maybe having the Grandmother of the bride diving deep into the time prior to the big bang may be a bit too much. Perhaps for her, a semi-happy enchilada for dinner that doesn’t pack a such a punch for the ambitious elderly. Just be sure to let them know what they are ordering 🙂

Nonetheless, if you’re planning on getting married and and want to jump on board with the new breed of wedding celebrations–one that will never be forgotten–consider a Marijuana Bar to set the tone and theme of your special day. Happy weddings to come for all the brides, grooms, wedding parties, and all those who come to gather and partake in the celebration–420 Style!!!