MANKIND SIMPLY CAN’T make up its mind concerning cannabis. For thousands of years, people have actually made use of the stuff as medication or to take a trip on spiritual missions. That, though, didn’t quite suit the British, who outlawed marijuana in early american India. After that in the 20th century, the US federal government stated war on marijuana, as well as the rest of the world followed suit.

However today, state after state is calling out the federal government on its ridiculous case that weed should be a schedule I drug — a severe danger without medical benefits– as well as should fall in the exact same classification as heroin. The truth is, researchers have actually confirmed cannabis can deal with a range of diseases and that it’s actually much safer than alcohol. The twisty-turny journey of marijuana has actually landed us back at a central reality: It’s really an effective medicine that can aid and treat what ails the body.

Yet as federal governments are coming to realize the fact that the battle on cannabis is both ridiculous and unwinnable, the medication continues to be greatly mystical. The origin of the trouble: Unlike a reasonably straightforward drug like alcohol, cannabis is comprised of thousands of substances along with THC, all interacting in ways researchers are simply starting to recognize.

But therein exists the beauty of it. Points are obtaining real nerdy with cannabis scientific research. So allow me to guide you through the haze.

The History of Marijuana

The cannabis plant probably came from Central Asia, as well as may have been among the initial plants cultivated by people. Along with its psychedelic appeals, marijuana offered early cultivators nutritious seeds to eat and valuable fibers for rope. (Today, the industry makes rope out of hemp, a variety of the plant with little to no THC, and also consequently no psychoactivity. Hemp fibers are also making their means right into building materials.) And also our ancestors knew some of the medical benefits of cannabis: The ancient Chinese deity Shennong, or “God Farmer,” recommended that farmers grow “hemp elixir” to deal with the sick. Cannabis has a particularly rich history in India, where it has been made use of for countless years as a spiritual aid.

Even as excellent societies of metal as well as stone developed, marijuana stayed an important plant. Old Rome, for example, wouldn’t have been the sea power without super-strong hemp sails and ropes. The British and also Spanish, as well, powered their world-spanning empires with hemp riggings. George Washington expanded the bejesus out of marijuana.

On the Homefront, the very first legislation on American soil entailing marijuana was reportedly established in Jamestown, Virginia in 1619. The decree from King James I called for all American colonists to expand Indian hemp for export to England. I guess you could say they were the first drug runners !!!

In 1862 Vanity Fair marketed the first edible cannabis candy, dubbed “hashish sweet,” as a therapy for uneasiness as well as mood swings. Up to this moment marijuana was primarily used for rope and clothes as well as druggists in the United States were versed in making some items utilizing hemp. However, that’s when the celebration came to a halt.

In the wake of the change in 1910, Mexican immigrants swamped the labor market in America. Those very same immigrants brought with them the easy technique of cigarette smoking cannabis. Then, in 1937, the United States passed the Marijuana Tax Act, which effectively criminalized cannabis.

The 60’s was an iconic era for cannabis customers bringing in a new wave of pot smoking that stimulated a transformation. From Haight/ Ashbury to New York City youngsters were joining in on the marijuana motion.

And in 1970 President Nixon passed the Controlled Substance Act as well as branded marijuana a schedule I drug, essentially relating it with satan himself.

Since those day, it’s refreshing to finally see the legalization being accepted more and more every year, a complete turn-around from the nonsense of the recent past! 




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